Total Melt Down

by Christina

Oh, my goodness, parenting definitely gives you some weird adventures. But this one led me to a total melt down this afternoon…

You would think that because I lived over in Africa fungal infections and weird skin lesions wouldn’t bother me – I mean, hey, I’ve done that, seen that, had that happen.

Well, John has a fungal/yeast/whatever infection in his diaper area. I am told that it isn’t because I don’t bath my baby – I do. This fact is helping me through the “I’m a bad mom” scenario.  Never the less, this “whatever” infection has me in tatters. I’m freaked out by it as well as in tears because he seems to be really irritated by it.

I guess this is fairly common with disposable diapers!? I never thought I would hear myself say this, but I am ready to go out and buy cloth diapers AND I am hunting around on the internet for good soaker patterns!

My melt down stopped when I realized that I had the ability to make a “cloth” diaper this very afternoon and therefore give the creams the air and time to work.

I was given a bunch of the old style, cheese cloth looking diaper liner thingies at a baby shower. The lady said that she used them for burp cloths. I was also given some old fashion diaper pins – they were used for decoration at that particular shower. AND, Nancy L, made me a wonderful soaker that I have used for decoration, since I wasn’t ever going to touch a cloth diaper — ha, ha! NEVER SAY NEVER!

So, here he is in his make-shift cloth diaper.  How does he look?  Mary F — are you out there? Can you believe it? He’s wearing a soaker! Now I’m off to hunt down some cute soaker patterns — I think I really like the one Nancy L made.

2 Comments to “Total Melt Down”

  1. Cloth diapers aren’t as bad as I though they were. Really! The laundry has been so much easier than I was expecting. When you find a good soaker pattern, pass it on to me! I am thinking of trying soakers as I have heard they are effective diaper covers. I currently use Thirsties and snappies. Hope you find the cure to Baby John’s rash!

  2. Dear girl,
    Let me tell you that my kids had the same problem. Of course disposable diapers had just come out when my oldest was born, but none the less the she had the same paroblem. I would only use disposables in an emergency. Your problem is finding real cotton diapers……. besides you can reuse the real thing as rags when your done using them as diapers.
    Love the soakers, they are really cute!