The Stomach Flu

by Christina

My Christmas ended in disaster Christmas morning.

I got the stomach flu!

Can you believe it? I was feeling fine all Christmas Eve and woke up Christmas morning feeling not so good – and it only went down hill from there.

JK and John continued as planned and went up to his parents for Christmas Day. So I wouldn’t be alone all day, I tried to go over to my sister’s house where they were in the process of getting over the stomach flu. But I ended up sitting on the floor by the bathroom. So I went back home and climbed into bed.

It seemed like this was heralded by our Christmas Tree the week before. It died so completely we decided it was a fire hazard and took it down. By the time we got all the ornaments and lights off it looked like this!

Ah, well. It’s just one of those years.

I was so lonely on Christmas Day I came to the conclusion that from here on out Christmas Day did not need to be magazine perfect. If I was with JK and John it would be a perfect Christmas for me!

2 Comments to “The Stomach Flu”

  1. Oh Christina!!! So sorry to hear! I was sick with the stomach flu once on Thanksgiving Day and once on NY Day and it’s soooo awful!