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February 28th, 2011

Weekend Outing

by Christina

Did you all have a good weekend? We had a good Saturday… Sunday was a different matter (anyone else get deluged by those heavy thunderstorms?) … but Saturday was full of adventure.

The day started with a full B&B breakfast – fruit, toast, scrambled eggs, bacon and pots of tea. Scrumptious.

With our tummies full, my mom, John and I headed out for our adventure. (JK hit the books. He’s working on his thesis now.)

Our first and main stop was the Indy Winter Farmer’s Market in the newly renovated Maxwell building in downtown Indy. It was a spectacular event, as usual. The place was bustling with activity and filled to the bring with greens, herbs, baked goods & arts and crafts.

I was absolutely delighted by BeeFree’s gluten free baked goods. Their cookies were SOOOO good and their frozen pizza dough is divine (and only $4 – a price that fits my budget).

This lovely lady is always at the Zionsville summer Farmer’s Market and she is one of my favorite vendors. I always seek her out to find what is fresh from her garden that week. Well, I was delighted to find that she is an artistic crafter too! Just look at the art she does with the feathers her chickens drop on her farm! I didn’t get enough pictures! I purchased one of her feather headbands and am dying to go back and get a pair of her earrings too!

Our last stop was at Teas Me, 22nd and Delaware. Lovely tea shop with any sort of green, black, white or Rooibus tea you could want or imagine. I purchased some Black Marsala Chai. My mom got some Rooibus Orange.

My mom and I had to practically sing and dance to keep John awake during the short car ride home. He was so tired and a little delirious with sleep. I managed to pull into the garage and whisk him up to his bed before he fell into a deep sleep. I’ve tried leaving him in the car to nap, but it never seems to go very well and John wakes up terrified. So… I do my singing and dancing routine in the car to keep him awake until we get home! =)

With John tucked into bed, my mom and I sat down to munch our GF cookie and sip our new tea.

Fantastic outing!

What did you do this weekend?

February 22nd, 2011

Tea with Grammie

by Christina

It was quite rainy today. Cold and damp. There is something different about cold rain vs. wet snow, don’t you think? I can handle wet snow and still be warm and dry deep inside all the layers of wool. But when it is a cold, blustery rain it soaks through to my bones and freezes me.

John and I had to get up and out early today to go food shopping. We were down to the last 4 tablespoons of butter and almost out of milk. And let me tell you, we go through milk in our house like water – (pots of tea with milk and loads of baby bottles).

It was cold, damp and downright nasty outside and John and I soon became cold and damp. So I decided a stop at Panera was  a must. He got a bagel and I got a cup of coffee. As we drove home I was serenaded by a happy humming from the back seat. Whenever John eats something he really likes, he hums. So adorable!

Grammie came for a visit after John’s afternoon nap. I still wasn’t warm from our outing so I decided afternoon tea with chocolate cupcakes was a must. Unfortunately, John was terribly clingy after his nap. I made those chocolate cupcakes one handed while holding John the whole time on my left hip. Whew! What work that was!

We had a yummy tea and a nice visit. I was even able to snatch a few rows while Grammie and John read through his mound of books.

February 21st, 2011

Taking time…

by Christina

Hello! Did you all have a nice weekend? I did. Saturday was extremely busy – I spent the day working at Stitches & Scones but Sunday was quiet and peaceful.

Since I was out of the house for the day on Saturday, John got to enjoy a little more “daddy time” than he usually gets. He soaked it up.

On Sunday it was nice to sit on the floor, knitting in my lap, cup of tea at my side and watch my two men play. Of course I occasionally joined in.

Ah, yes, is there anything cuter than little baby hands & sweet little toys? I don’t think so…

February 17th, 2011

Thrifted Inspiration

by Christina

As promised, I thought I would share this lovely sweater that I picked while thrifting a few Saturdays ago.  Isn’t it lovely? I absolutely adore the double breasted buttons….

… and the collar! Don’t you just love that collar? I love collars that keep me snug and warm.

… and look at that ribbing! Ugh – I’m so in love with it. I love black/white or blue/white knits – so vintage, so lovely.

That’s what is inspiring me right now.

What is inspiring you?