Little Man Knits

by Christina

Little John got a new sweater last week. I finished a new pattern for little boys and let him “test drive” it.  It was so hard to take pictures of him in it that I finally gave up. I need to try again. But he is a little man on the move.

I love the buttons on the raglan – and I LOVE the buttons. These were some vintage buttons that my sister gave me for Christmas (they were in a big jar of buttons she found at an antique store).

There is a cable down the front and back and it looks soooo cute on a toddling toddler!

But I need some help. For some reason I can’t come up with a name for this pattern.

Do you have any ideas?

If I use your name for the pattern I will send you a PDF copy of one of my patterns – you get to choose which one.

So leave a comment here with your ideas.

I’ll choose at the end of this week – 12th of March.


5 Comments to “Little Man Knits”

  1. How about something like Chasing Bubbles, Chasing Dandelions, Chasing Butterflies, because that’s what I picture John doing in this lovely sweater?

  2. I’m late to the party on this one. I don’t have a name for this particular sweater (although something slightly nautical seems good…), but I wanted to say that Little Man Knits sounds like a great name for an E-book or pattern collection!

  3. Fast forward :-)

  4. Mini-Man on the Move


  5. How about Blue Angel, like the Navy jets that perform at air shows? Or perhaps you could call it Benjamin Button? Or you could just ignore suggestions from your cheesy husband.

    I love you!