Easter 2011

by Christina

Things are gradually returning to normal around here after a week’s preparation for Easter Brunch at my house.

It was a wonderful time with friends and family – of course in my mind it all went by too fast.

I particularly enjoyed watching John experience Easter.

I grew up in a very conservative Christian household and we did not do Easter baskets or Easter egg hunts. While I would still consider myself a conservative Christian, I think it is important to celebrate with gusto and with joy the feast days of the church. By doing so I think we embrace and celebrate the grace and peace Christ made possible for us to enjoy.

This Easter I hid over 5 dozen eggs for John and his cousins to find.  I indulged my inner child and took off my shoes to run through the soggy grass and muddy ground in the great hunt.

I do hope that you all had a lovely Easter!


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