The Work Basket

by Christina

Hello Friends! What a week! With a long holiday weekend with lots of activity this week seemed to be truncated a bit. So sorry I’ve been absent. But I bet all of you have been a bit absent from your computers too… summer has a way of making our computers feel a bit lonely.

It’s time to update you on the work basket progress.

I finished a Malabrigo Sock version of Daisy Chains. LOVE Malabrigo sock – oh, my goodness! What is not to love about this yarn. The feel… the drape… the colors are all fantastic.  This shawl will definitely work as a summer weight version of Daisy Chains.

Little Guernsey is done and in desperate need of a light blocking. Can’t believe I showed you a pic without it being blocked… but we’re among friends.. right? Now I need to finalize the pattern and get some test knitters….

This sample of Delia was in progress until I took a picture of it and saw a huge mistake! Can you spot it! I forgot to alternate balls every two rows. Because I’m using Dream In Color handpainted yarn I need to alternate balls every two rows. So… out it comes and back on the needles it will go…

And then the last project in my basket right now is this little striped cardi for John. I’m using scraps from my yarn remains but it’s kind of fun to do. I get addicted and say to myself, “Just one more stripe.”

So that’s what I’m working on… what are you working on? Or what new pattern has sparked your interest?


2 Comments to “The Work Basket”

  1. I think Little Guernsey looks great. What are the yarn requirements? The details across the chest are cute. Of course, I’m not a garment knitter.

    Other than taking FO photos, I finished my Stripe Study Shawl over the weekend. I really would like to finish up the pair of socks I’m working on. I knit the initial garter triangle of Woodland Spring Shawl when I was between projects in May, so I would like to pick that back up. I’ll probably start something else when the socks are done, but we’ll see what strikes my fancy then. I have some ideas for small projects (hats/cowls) to use up stash yarn and of course have lots of thoughts on other shawls.

    PS – Thanks for the anniversary email. We had a great time!

  2. Hi!
    Love the Little Guernsey!! As of yesterday I have a new great grand daughter – Alice Elizabeth. Will be happpy to test a 6 mo size for you as long as you don’t mind PINK!