Birthday Boy

by Christina

Hello friends! So sorry for the bit of a lull – the weekend was a very full one at our house.

Yesterday was John’s 2nd birthday. However, we celebrated it on Sunday as that was the day all the family could gather.

He was thrilled by the presents and wanted to take them to church with him. Poor thing – he didn’t understand why we had to wait so long to open them!

The new scooter went over well – although he likes it best when Mommy pushes him!

the sunroom

lunch under the trees



Once it became food time my camera didn’t get to see any action – so there are few pictures to show you. So sorry about that friends.

But I must say it was beautiful. I loved sitting under the tree in the backyard, the whole family gather about, the cousins playing happily together…. it was such a happy moment.

Yes, it did rain. BUT… My sister Emily has a brilliant boyfriend and he saved the day. As we were talking away,¬†oblivious¬†to the storm clouds gathering, he quietly held up his iphone and said that the rain was coming.

We gathered everything up and trouped inside. We all were safely inside and just about to start sipping coffee when the deluge reached us! And it poured! We all agreed Em’s boyfriend was quiet the hero.

Well, today is Wednesday and little John went off for his first day of nursery school. I cried buckets last night – couldn’t believe how big my baby has gotten. But, alas, mamas have to start letting go sometime so their babies can grow up….

I had better get busy now! The Trunk Show is tomorrow!

One Comment to “Birthday Boy”

  1. Looks like a great party! I hope nursery school is off to a good start and that you had a wonderful trunk show.