Wovember Pin

by Christina

Wovember pin

I have really been enjoying Wovember - a celebration of 100% wool and all it’s richness.

My Wovember pin arrived in the mail near the end of last week. I pinned it to my coat lapel immediately.

wool tweed pin

If you look really hard you can just see it by the blurr that is my hand.

Onward 100% wool!

Have any of you joined the Wovember campaign for wool?

2 Comments to “Wovember Pin”

  1. Did you cut your hair shorter? Looks great!

    • I did! I went for it. I decided that I had nothing to loose – hair always grows. Besides, I know too many people who haven’t changed their hair in years! (And really need to make a change) I didn’t want to become one of those! =) Not too sure it’s the best look for me – but I’m having fun with it!