Mama Ruffles & Baby Ruffles

by Christina

 handknit lace shawl pattern LOFT

One of the things I love about my family is how inspiring they are to me. My mom and sisters are wonderfully creative – amazingly creative. Each sister has a special talent. And my mom, well… she taught us all we know and then inspired us to go beyond her knowledge.

It was my older sister (I’m right in the middle, so I hope you can forgive me for referring to my sisters as older and younger) who inspired me to create the Mama & Baby Ruffles shawls.

handknitted lace shawl LOFT

She mentioned that we needed a cute “Baby” shawl for little Laura (her youngest) and of course I agreed. When it was finished she said, “Well, I want one too.” So Mama Ruffles was born. But then we all liked Mama Ruffles better than the first Baby Ruffles (now renamed Shoulder Ruffles) and another shawl was made (now the current Baby Ruffles).

Ah, you see how delightfully complicated inspiration is! =)

If I could dedicate patterns I think I would dedicate this pattern first to my Mom – who inspired me to be creative and then to my sis, Heather, who is a fabulous mother to 5 very creative children… and of course… to little Laura who has made it through so much. Love you little girl!

Here are the links for the patterns.

Mama Ruffles

Baby Ruffles

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happy knitting!


One Comment to “Mama Ruffles & Baby Ruffles”

  1. Hi C.

    I started the mama ruffles shawl, but had to adjust the gauge. I’m trying to figure out a formula to calculate the number of stitches I need to be able to knit the edging. I’ll just leave the edging as it is, I just wanted the shawl to be a bit bigger. Your pattern goes on until you get to 295sts, then you cast on 9sts and start the lace pattern. My shawl is up to 363 stitches at the moment, and I want to go on a bit longer before I start edging.
    I hope that you can help me figure out how to calculate the required number of stitches?