Yarn Along

by Christina

sock yarn cardi

I’ve been amazed at how quickly this Rag Bag Cardi is growing under my fingers.  Two sleeves are complete. I knitted them flat so that I have a nice seam in which I can hide the ends.

I’ve been reminiscing as I knit – “Oh, yes, this yarn I made my sister-in-law a shawl out of. This was mom’s Christmas socks…oooh and so was this – boy when did I knit that?”  I think I could also call this sweater the memory lane sweater.

The one thought that gives me great pleasure is: these little scraps of yarn are not hitting the dust bin but being worked into something creative and wearable.

And yes, wearable. I know a few of you have commented on the colorful stripes … and yes, have mentioned that they couldn’t be seen in public. Well, perhaps. But… did you notice Anthropologie is selling a sweater very similar to my idea – heavier yarn of course:

So I can’t be completely crazy! =)

What am I reading? Well, I’m “re-listening/re-reading” An Irish Country Village. Over Christmas I read, A Dublin Student Doctor, and decided to go back because I couldn’t remember a few details from earlier in the series. If you haven’t read this series by Patrick Taylor you should give it a try. It’s a lovely easy read.

Joining Ginny in her Yarn Along

6 Comments to “Yarn Along”

  1. Your colors seem to coordinate and I think you could totally wear that sweater out in public with a pair of jeans. I would!, but I’m not one to shy away from color. ;-)

  2. I’m with Kelly: that sweater can definitely be worn out and about! It is so bright and cheery. Please let us see the final product in a post!

  3. I really like your stripes! And, I agree with others that it CAN go out in public…like you said, based on Anthropologie, you’re downright trendy! You go girl! :)