Mom’s Beads

by Christina

knitted necklace pattern

Hello, Knitters.

I’m have a new whimsical little pattern for you to enjoy. It’s a bit silly and fun… but I hope you enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed knitting my own.

Mom’s Beads is a knitted necklace. Yes! Imagine that. It’s simple and fun.

The pattern is written for two different weights of yarn, DK and worsted. I wanted to make it easy for you all to use something you had on hand or affordable if you wanted to splurge on some really fine yarn.

You knit the necklace end to end making little pockets into which you insert glass beads. I love how the glass beads add weight and drape to the necklace so that the piece acts like real jewelry.

Then you make a quick and easy little flower to pin on the side.

Oooo and don’t forget the cute little iCord bow you make for the back.

I used glass beads that are readily available for everyone – and extremely cheap. All you need to do is head to your nearest craft supply shop – ¬†or (gasp) dare I mention it, Walmart – and get decorative glass “stones” for floral arranging.

You can read all the details here

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Video tutorials for this pattern can be found here

A big thank you to Heather who tested knitted the pattern for me and to Gina who tech edited the pattern. You guys are the best!


PS: If you are wondering where in the world I came up with this crazy idea…well, you’ll just have to read about it in the pattern. =)

PPS: stop by Ginny’s blog for more lovely knitting inspiration

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