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March 15th, 2012

308 Maple Street

by Christina


Hello, Friends!

Today I have a brilliant new online shop to tell you about. It is 308 Maple Street and is a co-op of sorts of (at this point) four different artists selling their handmade items.

One of the things I really miss about shopping online is the personal flavor and feel of a physical brick and mortar shop. You know – how the shop owner sets up the shop and displays various items. How you can pick up the items and look at them a little more closely. The one frustrating thing about a physical shop is you don’t often get to hear how the item came about or what inspiration sparked the flame in the artist to create the item you are looking at.

308 Maple Street combines  the look and feel of a physical shop with the detail and story of the item you often get on handmade sites.

So go ahead, browse through the shop and it’s various rooms. Perhaps you’ll find a bit of beauty for you and your home!


Please note that 308 does not take any commission or charge the artists any fee. All proceeds from the sale of the items listed go directly to the individual artists.

March 15th, 2012


by Christina

cashmere lace shawl for spring

hello friends!

I hope you are all doing well in your various corners of the world.

We have been enjoying amazing weather this week. Absolutely fantastic weather for March. It’s nearly 80 F here today. The windows are open, the birds are singing and the leaves are popping!

cashmere lace shawl for spring

It is the perfect time to show you what I have been knitting.

For the March newsletter pattern I designed a very whimsical lace wrap that is embellished with appliqued knitted flowers. For my shawl I went with bright colors – persimmon, lemon, kiwi, rose and white – but for a more subdued version you could do cream on white or white on green.

cashmere lace shawl for easter

I used Anzula Cloud which had been gifted to me by my sister after a trip she took to NYC. Isn’t it fun when the yarn itself has a bit of a story to it? It is a lovely cashmere/merino blend with just a touch of nylon to add durability and strength. The cashmere makes the shawl soft and whisper like to the touch. But don’t worry, the shawl is knit using a #4 needle – you don’t have to dig out the teeny-tiny needles.

The appliqued flowers are so much fun to knit. I just grabbed a bunch of my stash yarn and went to town. In fact, I made a few extra flowers – wonder what I shawl do with them.

For those of you who receive my newsletter you have a 50% coupon to apply to this pattern making it just $2.00.
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You can buy the pattern here

tomorrow I have a new online shop to introduce to you!