Warm weather knitting

by Christina

cotton linen yarn

All this warm weather so early in the year has made me question what in the world will it be like in August. I almost feel like going on a hunt for Australian blogs so that I can find out what they do during the warm weather months.

One thing is for sure. I am going to need light weight cardigans for the rest of “spring” and for those chilly airconditioned buildings that seem to pop up everywhere once the heat gets into full swing.

cotton linen yarn

Don’t you find it hilarious that we have to have summer sweaters for “conditioned” air? It’s just such a mind twister. Oh, well. Apparently the world is more productive since the invention of air conditioning.

So I have turned my attention to knitting with some lovely lightweight yarns. Grass, by Plymouth is a lovely cotton and hemp blend that feels cool against your skein. It’s okay to knit with – in other words it feels a little hempy, but it drapes and wears so well it’s worth a little bit of roughness.

We’ll see how it turns out!


2 Comments to “Warm weather knitting”

  1. Cleveland has also been receiving extremely warm temps for March! It does make me worry that we’ll have a very hot summer, and I don’t like the thought of being trapped in the air conditioned house with a newborn. Weather is fickle, so I’m sure it will change again soon!

    • It’s rather amazing, isn’t it! I think we shall have a very hot summer and I’m wondering how to plan for it! Aww… that’s true, but little ones sleep so much anyways you’d probably be inside nonetheless! We’ll see. Perhaps we’ll have a very mild summer and you’ll be outside all the time!