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April 25th, 2012

Birthday Weekend

by Christina

fiber fair

While Little John spent the night at his grandparent’s house, JK and I headed into a relaxing weekend.

Friday night we drove in the rain down to The Fiber Event in Greencastle. It was fun to reminisce about the first time I had gone to this event 9 years ago and how JK had teased me to death about going. This time he was driving me… =) 9 years go we were just getting to know each other. Just goes to show you what you will do for the one you love! Thanks, dear!

I browsed and browsed and reminisced about how big it used to be. I can’t believe how small it has become. Oh, what a pity. I think I’m going to be checking out some other fiber fairs from now on.

I always like to go to these events with a bit of a goal in mind. Otherwise I’m overwhelmed. But if I have something to hunt for it makes it fun. I found what I was looking for when I first walked in… made me laugh at myself!

What was I on a hunt for? A knitting dolly – do you remember those? I remember using one when I was a little girl in Africa. After reading Lori’s lovely post on them I thought that knitting dollies would be a fun thing to hunt for at fiber fairs.

And despite my promise to myself not to walk out with any fiber… I did buy a half a pound of fiber from Hidden Valley Farms

Which I promptly put to use the next morning.

I had been promising myself some spinning time for months and months. This was the one birthday thing I really wanted to do… have a morning to spin and spin.

JK poured me a glass of champagne (nothing like champagne in the morning) and went to town. It was bliss….

and managed to finish one big skein from fiber I purchased last year! =)

Today I’m off to be the knitting model for “Knitting for Dummies.” Yep… you can laugh.  You can see the ones I did 3 years ago here. We’ll see how it goes… it’s usually a lot of work… big sigh… back to work…