by Christina

I laugh when I look at my feet these days.

I always tend to think that shoes tell a lot about a person. Who they are, what they like, what kind of pain level they can tolerate, what their job is, who they wish they were.

Right now, in my stage of life I’m a Granola person.
I’m the mom of a two year old who likes to be outside.
I’m the mom of a boy thus I’m on my feet running around a lot.
I’m a mom so keeping comfortable while working long hours is key.

What kind of shoe are you right now?

4 Comments to “Shoes”

  1. I’m a big fan of Merrell brand shoes for the past several years, since they seem to fit my foot shape. I try to bridge the gap between comfort and style! ;-)

  2. At school: Dansko’s for all day teaching comfort
    On the farm: rubber boots
    Inside or working out: Vibram 5 fingers Trek shoes (wish I could wear these everywhere, but “the look” is not professional and I don’t feel like washing them after every time I have stepped in alpaca poop!) I guess that makes me self-conscious and strapped for time! I wish I had the guts to just go for it…

  3. Do socks count!?!

  4. I’m a Homesteader….50% rubber boots
    I’m a Shop Keeper…50% comfortable sneakers