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May 30th, 2012

Jubilee Tea Cozy

by Christina


Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee is this June. Even though we are far removed from the British Isles and all the grand plans going on there… my sister has a grand plan of her own that is shaping up. A grand Jubilee Tea for those of us crazy Queen enthusiasts.

A few weeks ago Heather began crocheting a Jubilee Tea Cozy for the party. I, as usual, taking a cue from my older sister, was inspired to knit a Jubilee Tea Cozy for myself. My poor sister… honestly… I didn’t mean to copycat… I was just inspired! =)

I had a lot of fun knitting this. Whimsical things are often fun to knit, aren’t they! I got the idea for the buttons from a Cath Kidston bag… I wasn’t keen on carrying 3 colors across.

It’s not perfect… but I love it. It will¬†definitely¬†grace my teapot June 8.

What have I been reading? Well, I should say something related to the Queen. But alas, not directly. Currently I’m reading Past Imperfect by Julian Fellowes – again a suggestion from Heather. But recently I finished “Casting with a Fragile Thread: A story of sisters and Africa” and “The Last Resort” both memoirs set in Zimbabwe.

I must say I’ve been enjoying Past Imperfect very much. JK has even listen to a little this weekend and has been greatly amused by it. Julian Fellowes is a fantastic writer…


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