A good cheer up

by Christina

Hello friends! How are you all doing?
I’m sitting at my desk, supposed to be working because Lil John is at Auntie Heather’s for the afternoon… but I am on Vicodin now to handle the crazy pain of an ovarian cyst pinching some nerves in my side …. and I can’t make any sense of my current pattern…. so I shouldn’t be working on it. ( I probably shouldn’t be writing blog posts either…please forgive me if I don’t make sense.)

Instead I thought I’d sneak in a few recent pictures of my flowers. ¬†Nothing like flowers to cheer one up – right! After 2 years my foxglove finally bloomed! Isn’t it beautiful? It has waved so proudly next to my siberian iris and I’ve been so delighted with it.

Next up are my “New Dawn” climbing roses… right outside my kitchen window. Aren’t they lovely? And they have the lightest rose scent that makes you a bit dreamy after a good sniff…

Aren’t they wonderful? Ah, yes, nothing like roses. Oh, and as a side note… the pattern I’m almost finished with is in honor of these lovely roses… Don’t you think we need a shawl that mimics these beauties?

And these lovely pink roses are doing well. ¬†They were a birthday gift from Heather this year and they remind me so much of her – it’s just her color pink… which I happen to like as well… but for some reason when I think of Heather I think of this color pink….

So those are my prize flowers in my garden right now… and my muse for my current knitting pattern underway…

ta-ta for now!

2 Comments to “A good cheer up”

  1. Sorry to hear you are in so much pain! I hope it gets better soon and that you have an enjoyable long weekend. My husband is extending a business trip to visit friends in Boston, but I was able to find a relatively cheap flight for my mom to come visit and help me organize the baby’s room. I’m due June 21st, so we are hitting the home stretch. I’ve been doing pretty well overall, although I’m not looking forward to the 90 deg weather. Maybe I’ll also have time to cast on for some baby socks to match this hat (http://www.ravelry.com/projects/sjn821/newborn-preemie-hat)!

  2. your flowers are beautiful! I live in MI and my roses are just beginning to open. I have a Meyer lemon tree that my parents brought me from Fla. ( a few years ago) that is a little over 2 ft. tall, and right now it has hundreds of blossoms on it and it smells wonderful !!!
    Hope you feel better soon.