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September 30th, 2011

Finding a Jewel – The Winter Harbor Inn

by Christina

It was a cold, foggy morning in Maine. We were on our way to hike Schoodic in Acadia National Park when we saw the sign for the Winter Harbor Inn and the words “coffee bar.” “Now that sounds perfect.” said JK. So we decided to stop.

Before we unbuckled John and carted him and his perpetual load of cars and toys into the coffee bar, it was determined that JK should go inside and scout the place out. He came back rather quickly and said, “You’ve got to come in. This place is a gem.”

That was a big understatement.

We walked into a beautifully restored Inn and were welcomed by the most warm-hearted Innkeeper I have ever met. Elsie (the innkeeper) made us feel so welcome and at home even though we were just having a cup of coffee.

She was just about to make a fritta and begged us to try it. It was AMAZING! Roasted garlic, organic chicken, green peppers, roasted tomatoes, basil – it was soooo good. John, my persnickety eater, the boy I shed tears over because it is so hard to get him to eat ANYTHING, ate every bite we offered him! Fresh corn muffins and peach chutney accompanied the plate.


The new tin ceiling in the coffee bar - too cool for words

After the exhaustion of being sick being welcomed so warmly into a beautiful Inn and invited to partake of such delicious food felt like an angel had swooped down and taken care of us for an hour. I can’t even put into words how touched I was by the experience.

“JK, ” I said as we pulled away, ” I think I’ve come up with the perfect Maine vacation.”


“Fly in to the Bar Harbor airport, take the ferry from Bar Harbor to Winter Harbor, stay at the Winter Harbor Inn and avoid all the crazy crowds in Bar Harbor and when you want to hike or spend time by the water, take the ferry back over to Bar Harbor and catch the Acadia National Park bus which will take you anywhere in the park for free. Talk about easy and carefree.”

He agreed!

I should note, just in case any of you should want to do this that if you stay at Elise’s Inn in Winter Harbor you get a huge discount on the ferry that takes you from Winter Harbor to Bar Harbor.

ah, now how to go back every week and have her yummy food! ?