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August 28th, 2012

Little Birthdays

by Christina

toddler's birthday

toddler's birthday

toddler's birthday

plancity car road

chocolate cake

Little Birthdays are just the best aren’t they? All the wonder and excitement! Turning a new number seems magical. The week leading up to little John’s birthday he would ask, “Am I 2 or 3?” Quite confused about what number he was. One the morning of his birthday I said, “Today is the day! You are 3 now!”

Three! Can you believe it. Time goes too quickly… far too quickly for my taste.

Among the store-bought presents there were handmade things – just like it was in my house for my childhood birthdays. I decorated the breakfast table and made a special breakfast – just like my childhood birthdays. And it was soooo much fun to relive those fun days.

There was even a new sweater! I was so delighted that Lil John asked for a sweater and picked out the yarn from my stash. I put all other projects aside to get it accomplished in time. Now we just have to wait for cool weather! =)

(BTW – funniest thing happened this morning. Lil John came all the way downstairs, said he wanted to show me something in my yarn. A little worried I went up with him immediately. “I would like a sweater out of this (held up bright red yarn) and a sweater out of this (held up purple)” I laughed and laughed. So I guess I’ll be casting on some more sweaters for him. And last year he wouldn’t wear any that I made him!)

How are you? Are you knitting for your little ones? Or perhaps getting a few larger garments cast on for the impending autumn?


April 25th, 2012

Birthday Weekend

by Christina

fiber fair

While Little John spent the night at his grandparent’s house, JK and I headed into a relaxing weekend.

Friday night we drove in the rain down to The Fiber Event in Greencastle. It was fun to reminisce about the first time I had gone to this event 9 years ago and how JK had teased me to death about going. This time he was driving me… =) 9 years go we were just getting to know each other. Just goes to show you what you will do for the one you love! Thanks, dear!

I browsed and browsed and reminisced about how big it used to be. I can’t believe how small it has become. Oh, what a pity. I think I’m going to be checking out some other fiber fairs from now on.

I always like to go to these events with a bit of a goal in mind. Otherwise I’m overwhelmed. But if I have something to hunt for it makes it fun. I found what I was looking for when I first walked in… made me laugh at myself!

What was I on a hunt for? A knitting dolly – do you remember those? I remember using one when I was a little girl in Africa. After reading Lori’s lovely post on them I thought that knitting dollies would be a fun thing to hunt for at fiber fairs.

And despite my promise to myself not to walk out with any fiber… I did buy a half a pound of fiber from Hidden Valley Farms

Which I promptly put to use the next morning.

I had been promising myself some spinning time for months and months. This was the one birthday thing I really wanted to do… have a morning to spin and spin.

JK poured me a glass of champagne (nothing like champagne in the morning) and went to town. It was bliss….

and managed to finish one big skein from fiber I purchased last year! =)

Today I’m off to be the knitting model for “Knitting for Dummies.” Yep… you can laugh.  You can see the ones I did 3 years ago here. We’ll see how it goes… it’s usually a lot of work… big sigh… back to work…

April 24th, 2012

Birthday Dinner

by Christina

For my birthday dinner we ate outside. It was so lovely and we were headed into such dreadful weather over the weekend I couldn’t have us eat inside.

As you can see… John hates eating or coming to the table… ugh… such is life.

I set the table with some of the beautiful things I received.

An April Cornell tablecloth – isn’t it lovely!

Pink roses from my new rose bush for my garden

And blue & white dishes (my grandma’s pattern) to add to my little collection

And of course we had simple food – food that was my favorite… namely sausages on the grill from Goose the Market! Yum, yum.

It was simple but spectacular and made me sooooo happy!

April 23rd, 2012


by Christina

It’s that time of year again – my birthday. Another excuse to gather friends and family and have a party.

My garden decided to give me a gift the morning of my birthday. I was so excited to find the first rose of the season had bloomed! Isn’t that fun?

I asked John if he wanted to smell the rose. “Sure.” He said and promptly began to blow on it. Didn’t know you could smell flowers by blowing on them. Made me laugh so hard. I think he got a little confused after hearing me say it was my “birthday rose.”

Then it was off to the gardens for a birthday lunch. Last year it was raining so hard we had to have the lunch at Heather’s house.

Heather made some scrumptious Coronation Chicken Salad (Yes, we’re getting ready for the Jubilee celebration in June). I can’t find the recipe she used, but let me tell you, it was spectacular.

And the cake! Did you see the cake? It was a Champagne cake with lemon curd, whipped cream, pineapple flowers and blackberries. Several people had seconds it was that good!

Um, Aunite C, he's bothering me.

The little people were entertained with another Easter egg hunt and then begged us to play with them.

I love these photos of John and Laura interacting – or not. They treat one another as siblings. In other words… they fight a bit. It’s sooooo funny!

Come on Laura, let's play!

Oh, fine, I'll play by myself

John really enjoyed having his very own Auntie A there.

What a fun memory!