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November 25th, 2012

With Thanks

by Christina

Scenes from our country Thanksgiving. Scenes to savor and remember in future years.

Memories of phone calls and chats with loved ones far away.

Memories of my sleepy little guy who never made it to the Thanksgiving table (well, he made it to the first course – soup & salad – but he didn’t make it to the second).

Memories of three generations of Johns together.

Memories of quiet play.

Memories of a few stitches of knitting snatch here and there.

Memories of Grammie’s voice reading John stories while I did the dishes.

Memories of the beautiful sunlight fading into the soft glow of the lights indoors.

Memories of the gasps of sheer delight at the Christmas light displays now visible on our way home.

And now we’ve enjoyed a long weekend of being together and unwrapping Christmas decorations.





August 20th, 2012

The Golden Days

by Christina


These are the golden days of summer for me. The morning is cool, breakfast on the deck. I have no older children that have to rushed off to school, if I wish John and I can spend the morning in play (or in chores).

By noon, when the sun has drenched us with happiness and our tummies are sated with a bit of lunch we can climb the stairs to a soft beds and rest. Only to waken again in the golden hours of the day and play, play, play getting excited with eager anticipation as the hour for daddy’s arrival draws closer. And then the climax of the day when daddy steps through the door  – and then the rush to cook supper.

The evening is cool now. Supper has been eaten on the back deck – where the day began. A walk to the swings has been taken. I can hear JK’s voice singing to John his bedtime songs. I am finishing the dishes, picking up the toys and making the tray for our evening tea. The day is complete. I can now rest, pulling close my basket of comfort knitting. Ah, knitting – that balm to the soul – art with sticks and string.

These are the beautiful moments of my day. The moments I savor. There are moments of frustration too… the temper-tantrum at 10:30 am, the tears at nap time, my own hidden tears at the play ground in the evening when a happy father of a fellow 3 year-old child told us of the arrival of their second child.

The sun has made it’s gilded halo in the sky now – it is peaking through the trees. I need to get up and grab a sweater – a Sweater! Oh, how lovely …. yes, how lovely.



July 27th, 2012

Playing in the trees

by Christina

knitted log cabin blanket

One of the things I’ve been the most grateful for during this hot, dry summer are the trees. Oh, trees are a wonderful escape on a hot day. They are a wonderful escape from the torture of the sun – friends, almost, who open their house and their cooling shade and beckon you to continue your playtime outdoors.

But.. one of the things I’ve been most worried about during this summer are the trees… they are suffering so. My mom has been saying, “Nature can be cruel, but it always heals itself eventually.” I’m trying to remember that… I look at some of the grand trees in our area – trees that are massive and must be hundreds of years old and I remind myself that they have made it through the drought of the 30s, the 50s, and the 88 drought, they might be able to make it through this drought as well.

Now that my secret project is finished and mailed off I’ve turned to garter stitch again. I find myself turning to garter stitch whenever I’m really stressed out. There is something soooo soothing about garter stitch to me. A dear friend of mine has been making some log cabin blankets, inspired by Cosy Things (I think)… and I, inspired by my friend, decided to follow suit. I’ve decided it will be for John since he is finally asking me to make him something knitted…oh, yes, and a green sweater too. Nothing could make me happier… it wasn’t long ago when he didn’t want to wear anything I made for him.

Two days ago I sat in my doctor’s office and listened to him as he ordered me to find a way to rest more. Right. How in the world do you do that? I haven’t been recovering from surgery as I should … but still… how do you rest?

My immediate plan is to watch the Olympics with John… again, not my own idea but the suggestion of a wonderful friend. Thank goodness for friends!

Are you all planning on Olympic watching and knitting?

June 12th, 2012

A good laugh

by Christina

Five days after my surgery a package arrived on my doorstep. I was out watering with John when I noticed it.

Hmmm, I wonder what that can be. I said to John. I didn’t remember ordering anything. “Perhaps someone sent us something.” I told John.

We took it inside and opened it up and lo and behold it was a package of yarn and a neat little purse from KnitPicks. I looked at the packing slip enclosed to help clue me in. It was dated the day after my surgery and had the last 4 digits of my credit card on it.

Did I really order this? I thought. It was lovely yarn for a cotton scarf I had cast on the day after my surgery. But I guess in the fog of oxycodone I had decided I needed more colors and had placed an order. And obviously I thought I needed a cute little purse too.

Oh, my! Life is funny!

Thankfully I love the purse and I really like the colors. I have already begun integrating the colors into the little scarf I’m making… AND John likes it too. He asked if the scarf was for him. When I said no, the scarf was for mommy he said, “Well, can you make me a scarf with the green please. I like that.”

So, I think I shall…