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August 28th, 2012

Little Birthdays

by Christina

toddler's birthday

toddler's birthday

toddler's birthday

plancity car road

chocolate cake

Little Birthdays are just the best aren’t they? All the wonder and excitement! Turning a new number seems magical. The week leading up to little John’s birthday he would ask, “Am I 2 or 3?” Quite confused about what number he was. One the morning of his birthday I said, “Today is the day! You are 3 now!”

Three! Can you believe it. Time goes too quickly… far too quickly for my taste.

Among the store-bought presents there were handmade things – just like it was in my house for my childhood birthdays. I decorated the breakfast table and made a special breakfast – just like my childhood birthdays. And it was soooo much fun to relive those fun days.

There was even a new sweater! I was so delighted that Lil John asked for a sweater and picked out the yarn from my stash. I put all other projects aside to get it accomplished in time. Now we just have to wait for cool weather! =)

(BTW – funniest thing happened this morning. Lil John came all the way downstairs, said he wanted to show me something in my yarn. A little worried I went up with him immediately. “I would like a sweater out of this (held up bright red yarn) and a sweater out of this (held up purple)” I laughed and laughed. So I guess I’ll be casting on some more sweaters for him. And last year he wouldn’t wear any that I made him!)

How are you? Are you knitting for your little ones? Or perhaps getting a few larger garments cast on for the impending autumn?


June 12th, 2012

A good laugh

by Christina

Five days after my surgery a package arrived on my doorstep. I was out watering with John when I noticed it.

Hmmm, I wonder what that can be. I said to John. I didn’t remember ordering anything. “Perhaps someone sent us something.” I told John.

We took it inside and opened it up and lo and behold it was a package of yarn and a neat little purse from KnitPicks. I looked at the packing slip enclosed to help clue me in. It was dated the day after my surgery and had the last 4 digits of my credit card on it.

Did I really order this? I thought. It was lovely yarn for a cotton scarf I had cast on the day after my surgery. But I guess in the fog of oxycodone I had decided I needed more colors and had placed an order. And obviously I thought I needed a cute little purse too.

Oh, my! Life is funny!

Thankfully I love the purse and I really like the colors. I have already begun integrating the colors into the little scarf I’m making… AND John likes it too. He asked if the scarf was for him. When I said no, the scarf was for mommy he said, “Well, can you make me a scarf with the green please. I like that.”

So, I think I shall…

March 2nd, 2012

Little Worlds

by Christina

I have been invited to attend a terrarium party tomorrow. Isn’t that exciting? I’m really looking forward to it. So much so that I’ve been talking about it rather a lot this week. Funny, isn’t it… things that you are excited about tend to get a lot of “talk time.”

But I have learned some very interesting things. When I told my mother about my excitement she said, “Oh, yes. I used to make terrariums. My Aunt always had a large terrarium on the coffee table and it was quite interesting to watch it grow.”

When the warm weather brought us all out of our houses this past week, my neighbor and I stood chatting on the sidewalk in the sunshine. I mentioned that I was going to a terrarium party on Saturday and she mentioned, “Oh, my mother was always so good at terrariums and usually had one around the house. She would get tree frogs and place them in the¬†arrangements. ”

I thought it was rather interesting to hear about the terrarium experiences of others. But all this talk made me really, really eager to go to this terrarium party and make my own…. so eager that, well, I gave in to my whims and put together a “make do” terrarium. “Just until I make my real terrarium.” I said to myself.

John and I pulled on our rubber boots, gathered a cake stand with a dome and a trowel and marched off to the mossiest spot of our yard. He loved digging in the dirt for a moment but then found some sticks to play with until he went on a hunt for Pooh Bear and Piglet in the woods. I contented myself to arranging bits of moss and stone until I had something that looked decent.

And now our “Made-do” terrarium is sitting on my kitchen table, basking in the sunshine. John and I peer at it during meal times, wondering what will grow, what will blossom and what it will become.

Now I can’t wait to make my “real one”.

January 24th, 2012

Following In Footsteps

by Christina

So many people shutter themselves inside during the cold winter months. But there is so much quiet beauty outdoors that I cannot do that. Almost every weekend we make some escapade into the woods for a little jaunt.

I remember doing going for winter walks as a child. I remember the crunch of the snow under my boots and find that sound fascinating. I remember drinking hot jello out of a thermos and how yummy the snacks always tasted because one seemed hungrier in the cold.

Now I’m following in those same footsteps and taking John out for winter walks. He seems to marvel at the same crunching sound under his boots. I haven’t fed him hot jello out of a thermos but somehow I think he’d like it. So far we’ve opted for hot tea at home or coffee out at Starbucks.

I realize that so much of what we do as adults is what we are used to doing and have done… beginning with the adventures and things we did as children. ¬†We are less likely to do things we are unfamiliar with.

Perhaps little John will take his kids on winter walks one day.